I am regularly asked: ‘What exactly is NLP?’ It doesn’t surprise me as the term ‘NLP’ doesn’t give much away, does it? When you then go on to define the acronym as Neuro Linguistic Programming it get’s even worse. What is that meant to mean? You may well ask, and people frequently do.

I am going  to tell you what NLP means to me and why I believe that it is an invaluable, effective, quick and highly enjoyable method to gain more of what you want in your life and less of what you don’t.

We all operate certain programmes and patterns in our neurology (brain) which have been initiated, filtered and developed and perform according to the various input (experiences, data, etc.) that our neurology has absorbed during the course of our lives. These patterns or programmes run at an unconscious level, many we are not even aware of, and produce a certain behaviour - in the same way as a computer programme will generate a certain formula or outcome.

Some of these patterns are positive and help us to achieve what we want in our lives and allow us to move forward and grow. Others hold us back, keep us stuck, prevent us from moving forward and achieving what we really desire in our lives. Sometimes this is because they are just outdated or dysfunctional, not serving any positive purpose any more. Sometimes it is because the patterns are held in place by negative emotions such as anger, hurt, sadness or guilt derived from past experiences and limiting decisions. These negative emotions bind themselves tightly to our thoughts, perceptions and judgements like calcium collects and hardens in a water pipe, restricting freedom and flow producing limited behaviour and reduced effectiveness. 

When our computer gets full up with programmes it no longer needs to work efficiently, it starts to play up, slow down, shut down, give up. We then run a special diagnostic disc to clean it up, get rid of all the rubbish it doesn’t need, freeing up memory and space for what we do need and want. Well, NLP is a bit like running a diagnostic disc in your brain and the effects are astounding. 

Remove the road blocks, the self maintained diversions and the dead ends, change the oil and fill up your tank and free up the space to create, embrace and live the life you want.

 That’s what NLP can help you achieve.

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© Fionah Rowland 2013