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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of the mind and the nervous system (how we think), how we represent the outside world to ourselves internally (our 'model of the world' incorporating our beliefs, perceptions & values) and how, through language and other non-verbal communication, we code, order and give meaning to our experiences. Through the positive, mutual exchange of ideas & energy, NLP induces a profound change in the state of consciousness 'enabling' us to make positive changes, increase choice and achieve our specific and desired outcomes.


                                                       On Top of Your World

We generally find it most difficult to accept responsibility for what is 'going on' around us, often because we are running unconscious patterns of behaviour which are preventing us from taking individual responsibility for our lives, actions and behaviours. 

There are two sides of the equation of life: Cause and Effect. If you choose to be on the EFFECT side, you create choices and claim your personal power to do whatever it is you choose to do.  You give up this power on the 'CAUSE' side finding external reasons or justifications as to why you 'can' do something (other people, the economy, the environment, your 'lot' in life, etc).  NLP teaches you that you are the cause of everything that happens in your life: you have a CHOICE.

You know where your life is now. The good parts and the bad. The grey zone is where many people spend their whole lives. It is comfortable because it is familiar. NLP helps you to step out of your comfort zone by changing your thinking and therefore your life. As you start to transform the way you think, the process is not always comfortable. Moving out of the comfort zone never is, until you are out and beyond. Growth does not come without CHANGE.

Our unconscious mind is non verbal. The domain of the emotions stores all our memories, represses memories with unresolved negative emotions, runs the body, learns instantaneously & experimentally. It already holds the solutions to our problems. 

Our conscious mind takes us away from 'experience' as we attach 'labels' to our reality, trying to explain it consciously and we start to live by those labels instead of the real experience itself. 

Have you ever had that feeling when everything in your life is in place and working; you have everything you desire....and yet, 'something' is missing?  Part of you  (which is your unconscious mind) knows and wants something else for you. You carry on the job, the relationship, but loosing a little part of your 'aliveness' along the way. Your conscious mind will say, 'you have every and many good reasons to be happy' but your unconscious mind is letting you know that something, somewhere is 'missing'.

You yearn to be alive, find meaning, find happiness, find truth, find yourself. NLP can help you let go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions, live the life of your choice and gain emotional, physical and spiritual FREEDOM. 

© Fionah Rowland 2013