Yaoi Noi, October 2012   

                                                        Welcome to Fi Chi and thank you for your interest.


The ancient Hawaiins believed that life force energy in the body is the difference between being alive or dead whether on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Energy creates, generates, is in and is everything.  If you can pay attention to what energy is doing inside you, respond to and take responsibility for what you feel, hear or see, then you can effect yourself and others in all of the physical, mental and emotional realms of existence.

Flow of energy is required for balance. Balance is necessary to align all levels and to achieve wholeness. Energy blockages can be found at all of these levels, manifesting themselves in a myriad of ways. On a physical level perhaps as fatigue, illness or disease. On an emotional level as anxiety, fear, anger, sadness or guilt. On a mental level as limited beliefs, conflicts, un-resourceful states and ineffective strategies. On a spiritual level as a loss of wholeness, direction and purpose.  

The intention of my work is to release energy blockages bringing mind, body and spirit into balance engendering the free and uninhibited flow of energy. The desired outcome is to increase choice,  confidence, wellbeing, self belief and internal awareness so that you can feel, look, live and be the person you want to be and love, like and cherish yourself for the person you already are.

© Fionah Rowland 2013